A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, there! I'm Wally and this is my game!

It's a short, interactive, point and click story where you get to meet and befriend yours truly, while helping me with some tasks I have to do. I promise you, it will be surprisingly fun and unique!


  • This is a prototype for testing the game concepts. My creator said there will be more tasks and more stuff in the full game.
  • My game only runs in Windowed Mode for reasons. So, no Fullscreen. Everything working as intended.
  • This is the first time I'm going outside my creator's computer. So if you find any problems, please contact him through here, or via his email, "mateus.oliveira21@fatecitapetininga.edu.br"

Install instructions

> If the installer doesn't work, try running it as an Administrator.


wally_setup.exe 56 MB

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